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COVID-19 Update

 Dear A.C.T. Members,

We hope this email finds everyone safe and healthy during these uncertain times. Prince and I have embraced this time together but most definitely look forward to seeing you back into a good, balanced exercise routine, which studies confirm strengthen immunity. We even have a new IMMUNITY CLASS planned that is fun and exciting for early morning outdoor exercise. 

We are all ready to get back into our wellness routines; however, due to the social restrictions placed by our Governor, we did not make Phase 1 re-opening. It is stated that we may begin operations under Phase 2 for NC once our governor allows this to go into effect. We anticipate many changes to the re-opening such as, appointment only visits, but will not know until the information is released. 

To avoid any confusion or possible misunderstanding to the new forced procedures, we will not release any information about our re-open date until the details are confirmed with government officials. 

 I know you want to be “in the know “so here is what we can share:

  1.  We do know that ACT has new sterilization lighting and we have increased our cleaning schedule to insure we continue to keep our fitness areas safe. 


2. We do know there will be several matters of business that require your signature and a brief line of questions before you enter for your appointment. Please wear your mask.   

3. We do know your temperature will be taken upon entry of the facility.   

4. We do know it is and has always been our goal to keep you safe and provide you a rewarding experience (even with the new changes).   

When our Governor decides to move us into phase 2, ACT may need a few more days to confirm guidelines and have our staff up to protocol. Please be patient and open to the new systems. Change can be hard but it can also bring great rewards. We believe the REWARDS will be to keep you strong and healthy.  

We will be in touch again soon with our second GRAND RE- OPENING.  The first was great… we can only hope for the second to be as successful with your support and understanding.   

Wishing you the BEST IN HEALTH,   

Prince and Gina Deese 

Closed Temporarily: Stay Posted Reopening Details

We are closed temporarily in compliance with NC Executive Order dated March 18th.  Please visit our FaceBook page for updates.     

435 Dolley Madison Rd. Suite F, Greensboro, NC 27410

Phone: (336) 617-5304 Email: actbydeese@yahoo.com

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